304 stainless steel Bluetooth Smart Digital Lock

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304 stainless steel Bluetooth Smart Digital Lock

Waterproof Smart Lock Alexa App Fingerprint Keyless For Home Finger WIFI Digital Lock Remote Control Tuya TT Smart Locks

Model :TZ-

1、Product Introduction
●Material:304 stainless steel
●Product Dimensions: 303*43mm
●Color: Silver, Black, Matte black
●Unlock method: bluetooth+fingerprint+password+card+key unlock
●App name:TT lock
●Power supply:Low voltage alarm: <4.8V. Use more than 1 year.Power: 4AA battery
● Applicable door thickness: 35-65mm

Mortise: standard 3585 mortise. Option mortise:4085,2585,6085etc.

Low voltage alarm: <4.8V. Use more than 1 year

Power: 4AAA battery

Read distance: 0-3CMBack up

key: 2pcs/set

Password capacity: 300pcs at the same time

Card capacity: 150pcs at the same time

Fingerprint capacity: 150pcs at the same time

  • key capacity: no limited
  • Dule side fingerprint for option


Easy to change mortise direction and handle direction

Set valid time for e-key, password, card. By hour, by day or DIY.

Suitable for both framed glass door and wood door and aluminum door

Support remote unlock directly by WIFI (use gateway)

BLE technology

  1. Product function

[5 ways to unlock] APP+Fingerprint+Passcode+Card+Key+Remote keyfob(option)
FPC fingerprint reader gives you the best security

experience. App remote control, no matter where you are, you can check the door opening record at any time to protect your home


[Emergency power] When the battery has run down, it can be powered by an emergency power supply and used normally.

[Multiple alarm functions] protect home safety at all times.

[Usescenes] Suitable for home, office, hotel, apartment...


We can customize production according to your requirements,OEM/ODM,Welcome your inquiry and look forward to cooperating with you!

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